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The SL-Rover Velomobile

This is my second velomobile. I used foam for the shell. Later I modified the nose to make it more rounded for better aerodynamics. I still use this velomobile regularly. The SL-Rover shell like the SUV is built over the TerraTrike Rover. In most conditions it is used with the open cockpit, but when it gets cold or rainy, there is a cowling that fits over the opening to provide more protection from the elements.  There is also a hood for even more weather protection. The SL-Rover Velomobile has a large trunk that opens, plus there is a lot of extra room provided on either side of the seat. Includes headlights, tail lights, directional lights, strobe lights and horn. The SL-Rover Velomobile is not only a fun, all-weather bike, it is also very practical for running errands and shopping. I have a 500 watt mid-drive motor for e-assist. It is an 18 mile trip to town and back with some huge hills to deal with. The e-assist makes this trip possible even for an out-of-shape man in his 50s.

Below are photos of the first generation prototype.

SL- Rover Velomobile
ev-Liberty © Copyright 2011.
The photos above show the nose
after I modified it to make it
more aerodynamic.
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